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May 2022

Hope you all had a great Cinco de Mayo and enjoyed plenty of margaritas or avocados. We are working our way into summer and we know this is the time for many of us to take vacations with our families or in my case waiting for my new grandson to be born. He is due June 22nd but my daughter gets her cerclage out the end of May so I have a strong feeling that he may be here sooner than later. I sure hope I can lead our fabulous networking meeting this month if I am in town. If not you will have the fabulous board leading it.

What a wonderful meeting we had in April. Evelyn Garfield, owner of the Junkyard Restaurant and Birdie Bar was absolutely wonderful to hear. Her life has been filled with some major tragedies, but Evelyn was able to overcome them and to continue on and build her business like no other. Evelyn shared with us some great advice and words to live by.

I am thrilled with all the new members that have joined us, welcome to you all! It's wonderful to see so many faces again coming back to our meetings. We have some wonderful speakers planned over the next few months.

Ladies remember to bring a door prize with your business card on it to give away at our April meeting to promote your business.

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, that this year, I would like our WINS group to focus on networking, more referrals to each other's businesses and to grow in our personal journey and health as women.

A reminder to everyone, we have so many talented and brilliant members here that I personally have given referrals to and have received referrals from. Maybe you are thinking to yourself that you may not need a service that one of our members provides? Well, you may not at this time, but I bet that someone you know is looking for a service and can benefit from one of our member's businesses.

Women's Information Network has been a local organization for over 40 years and there are not many networking groups that can say this.

Not able to attend the meeting in person? You can now Zoom into our meeting. Yes, that's right. You can join us and participate. Look for the link in the Newsletter to RSVP. Be sure to send me your 30 -second commercial so I can read it at the meeting.

Lastly, as I mentioned last month, we do need to have all final RSVPs in no later than the Monday before our monthly meeting. We want to be sure that Wood Ranch Country Club will have the correct count of entree's for us.I really appreciate your cooperation and understanding in regard to this matter.

Also, remember that each time you bring a guest to a meeting you will receive a puzzle piece. The member that collects the most pieces this year will be awarded a free membership for 2023! Inviting guests is the best way to share all of the wonderful benefits of becoming an active member of WINS.

"Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your own garden and decorate your soul.

Darci Richardson

President 2022

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