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August 2023

The Sound of Music....

Ok, now the song is stuck in your head!!! The truth is, you should have several different songs stuck in your head. Music is one of the most amazing arts. It can make you laugh, cry, even make you laugh and cry at the same time. The beat can energize you, providing a great workout session. It can lull you to sleep. Each song you sing will generate memories from your past. Whether the songs you sing are hymns, rock and roll favorites, movie themes, or tunes from your favorite musical, open wide and enjoy the happiness each song brings. And don’t worry whether you’re on or off key!

The joy that fills your heart, from the sound of music is phenomenal!

If you need a mental or emotional boost, I urge you to think of a few upbeat songs and make them your mantra today!

You will be amazed at how great your day will be!

Believe in the Winning Woman you are!

Warm regards,

Jan Sandstrom

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