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February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you beautiful women. Can you believe we are already in mid-February? Time sure seems to be going by so quickly. I hope you are enjoying the Women of Business Tips that I have been sending out to you. We are so excited to have had so many guests on our last meeting and have many more joining us for our February meeting.

Since February is the month of love and is celebrated with hearts everywhere, what not a better time to have a Dr. Glasser, a well-known female doctor, talk to us about our health and wellbeing. Since our theme for this year at WINS is Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together, what a better way to bring in our health as an essential part of our puzzle. Over the past year we have all had so many changes in our lives on how we do business, our social networks have been dramatically limited and learning how to cope with the Covid pandemic it has taken some stress on our bodies and overall wellbeing. It is so important that we keep our bodies and our minds healthy.

**Mark your calendars for Wednesday March 10th at 6PM-6:45PM for Wine Down Wednesday. This is just a time for us to get together via Zoom with your favorite beverage and just chat and laugh together. Hope to see you there.

I am so grateful for all of you and am enjoying every day being your President. Have a blessed day!

Darci Richardson

President 2021

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