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February 2023

January 2023 luncheon was amazing!

Thank you all members who attended. Special thanks to all of our guests.

February will be very special. With love in the air and heart everywhere, you won't want to miss this month.

We ran out of time to pick our one on one partners. Come, with the opportunity to meet your partner and win a special gift.

We had some great suggestions last month and looking forward to receiving more. Our board is open to suggestions on speakers and opportunities to create a stronger networking group.

We know your time is very valuable; it was suggested to net from 11:30 -11:45 and start the meeting at 11:45. The Board agreed and it is our goal to end our meeting no later than 1:15.

Friendly reminder: Membership Renewals are due by 2/28/23.

Happy Valentines Day!

WINS Wednesday is February 22nd.

Bring a guest for an opportunity to win a free membership in 2024.

To our Success!


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