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March 2021

I am so excited to see so many of you on our monthly Zoom meetings. As you know this year our theme is Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together. So many of us women have crazy schedules with juggling work, home life, children/grand children, charities and so much more. Our meetings are designed to help each and every one of you with all aspects of your life. I sure hope you are enjoying them. Thank you for all of you that responded to my previous email in February when I asked about your thoughts on having meetings in person or continuing to meet via Zoom. Your WINS Board will be discussing this on Monday and we will let you know what is up and coming. If you have not responded to my email regarding this please feel free to send me an email letting me know your feelings on this topic.

A quick reminder that our WINS meetings are only for paid members and invited guest. If you have not renewed your membership please do so. I would hate for any of you to miss out on the amazing speakers and fun get togethers that we are having. You all mean the world to us and we want you to be a part of this wonderful group of women.

Darci Richardson

President 2021

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