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March 2023

Once again we had another amazing luncheon in February.

To all members who attended our February Meeting, thank you!

And... A Special thanks to our February Guest Speaker, and all of our guests, it is you who make our meeting better.

There is lots to celebrate this month in March.

The luck of the Irish is with us.


Woman's History Month

Did you know March 8th is

International Womens Day?

International Woman's Day started in 1911 in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, & Austria as International Woman's Week, after five years, Congress decided to make it International Woman's Month. Things were made official in 1975 when the United Nations started celebrating the day.

This is a day when people everywhere rally together to remember women's strength and power, and celebrate amazing women!

What woman in history influenced you the most in your life and or career?

Do tell...

From our February luncheon, there were many amazing women who were matched up with your one on one. I am so excited to hear from you all.

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Bring a guest for an opportunity to win a free membership in 2024.

To our Success!


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