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July 2023

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

What is Your Favorite State?

Having traveled to all 50 states this is sort of a tough one for me to answer. There’s so much diversity throughout our Nation, with each state offering its own unique beauty.

However, if I were forced to answer, I would have to say it’s California. We have all of the earthly features right at our fingertips, beaches, mountains, deserts and so much more!

But there’s another state that is even more important, and that is your state of mind!

The way we think dictates our success! A positive attitude radiates from us and creates a strong bubble to encircle us, thereby making it harder for obstacles to hinder our steps.

If you’re in need of a mental boost, try saying some of these affirmations throughout the day...

I am confident...

I have a positive attitude...

I am worthy of my success...

I have a lot to offer and am willing to share with others...

There are so many other phrases we can use! Find the ones that work for you and believe in the Winning Woman you are!

Warm regards,

Jan Sandstrom

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